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This wiki will help you walk through the process of successfully installing mods on your server. You don’t require any coding experience for this process. Let’s begin:

Video Guide: How to install Forge!! - [Click Here]




Step 1: Go to Forge Download and download the installer build version you want. 

Step 2: After downloading the file, open the installer and click "Install Server". Now choose an empty folder and install the server there.

Step 3: Goto "Startup" tab and change "Docker Image" to ".....yolks:java_8". Now connect to your server using an SFTP client and upload the folder's contents on the file manager’s root directory.Rename "forge.....jar" to "server.jar" Make sure you are not uploading the folder but its contents such as libraries, minecraft_s...jar, etc and restart the server. 

Step 4: After the restart, you will see a “mods” folder in the file manager. Download the mods you want to install and place them in the "mods" folder.

Step 5: Start the server, your mods will be loaded.

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