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This wiki will help you walk through the process of successfully uploading a custom map/world on your server. You don’t require any coding experience for this process. Let’s begin:

Step 1: Go to your game panel and open your server console. Click Stop to stop the server.

Step 2: If your custom world is named "world" then delete the "world" folder from the file manager on the panel. Now open your SFTP client. To know more about SFTP client, go here

Step 3: Upload the custom map/world folder on your server via the SFTP client. To make the upload faster, make a ".zip" file of the cutom map/world and upload the zip file.

Step 4: If you uploaded a zip file, right click the zip file and click "decompress". This will decompress your map/world and create a folder. If your make sure your map is named "world". 

Step 5: Restart the server. The world is now uploaded.

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