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This wiki will help you walk through the process of successfully installing plugins on your server. You don’t require any coding experience for this process. Let’s begin:

Step 1: Go to PaperMC Download and download the build version you want. It is recommended to use the latest build of any version.

Step 2: Go to your game panel and go to file manager. Find and delete the file named “server.jar”.

Step 3: Now rename the paper jar file to “server.jar” and upload on file manager’s root directory. Restart the server. After the restart you will see a “plugins” folder in the file manager.

Step 4: Download the plugin you want. Make sure you are NOT using a pirated plugin as this may cause high risk of insecurity.

Step 5: Place the “.jar” plugin file in the “plugins” folder. Restart the server. The plugin is now installed.

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